In determining whether you should re-roof or repair, you want to consider all of the factors that should influence the decision: Cost, Efficiency and your Needs. First, you do not want to assume that the cheapest solution to fixing your roof is going to be repair. Sometimes, roof replacement cost can be more economical in the long run. (You are already paying a crew to set-up and work on your house so you might want to consider having them complete the entire roof.)

Beyond the type, location, and amount of damage to the roof, you will also want to consider all of the additional variables that play into a decision to repair or re-roof. First, the age of roof should be a major factor. If your roof is brand new, then a repair is reasonable. But you do not want to pay for repairs only to incur roof replacement costs in three years because your roof is at the end of its life. Second, you want to consider how often you need repairs on your roof. There does come a point when the repairs can add up to a cost greater than replacement. Perhaps your roof materials are inappropriate for your home’s design or location. Or maybe the first roof was improperly installed. In either of these scenarios, a new roof will be a much more cost effective solution over time. We will able to guide you to the best decision for your home.

Sometimes preventive replacement (because only patches of a roof need repair but the roof is nearing recommended replacement) can be more costly because a crew can re-roof in more optimal weather without as much damage to the home. Ultimately, you will want to think about what kind of repairs would be required for your roof and then decide what you need at that moment.

Roof repairs can be a reasonable solution for a roof with isolated or minimal damage. If the damage to the roof is a few isolated missing shingles or tiles, then that is an easy repair; particularly if the replacement shingles and tiles match the current shingles—but mismatched shingles or tiles are not only an eye sore…they can flag to others an untrustworthy roof. Or if the repairs are on a single side of the roof, then you could reasonably consider a repair as most contractors will offer an estimate per side of the roof.

A four-sided roof will have a cost for each quadrant of the roof. (Note: the cost per square foot will be less expensive as the more square footage of the roof is included in the estimate.) The costs associated with repairing versus replacing a roof will also be dependent on the material of the roof. For example, an asphalt roof may require several layers of asphalt be removed before any section of the roof may be repaired so a re-roof may be significantly more cost effective than a repair.