Commercial Roofing Services

Express Roofing is a division of Express Construction Group, a full service Residential and Commercial General and Roofing Contracting firm providing multi divisional services.

For planning and budgeting purposes Express Roofing will take into account the purpose of the building, length of time the owner plans to occupy the building and any budget restrictions. While sometimes a temporary fix may be a viable option, chances are if you’re considering a re-roof, you’re roof has exceeded its useful life and regular roof repairs have become common after heavy rain. Commercial Re-roofs can save you time, money and roof repair hassles for many years down the road. Our commercial re-roofing solutions always meet manufacturer specifications and building code requirements. Services include removal and disposal of existing roofing and complete installation of the new roof system and associated flashings. We perform these tasks with as little disruption to existing buildings and tenants as possible

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